Why Expansion Joints Are Used In Drainage Systems

For a drainage system or any other piping system to be considered complete, it should have pipe extension joints. These joints are designed to efficiently absorb any dimensional change that might occur on the steel pipes, thus preventing any explosions that might result from these changes on the steel pipe. The following are the significant benefits that occur when using pipe expansion joints:

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Prevents thermal expansion

The primary function of the expansion joints is to prevent the drainage system from failing, which means if at any point it fails, every activity fails, and thus a lot of money will be required to restore the whole system to functioning. These joints are designed to avoid this at all costs through various mechanisms; they first do this by preventing thermal expansion that usually results from temperatures getting high in the drainage system. Generally, when the temperatures go high, the system tends to expand beyond the ordinary, which might easily make the pipes bend or even crack. Expansion joints ensure that this does not happen because they will always move with the expansion of the pipes to accommodate its axial. In short, the joints are meant to give the pipe some form of flexibility that they may adjust with the changes in size.

Prevent vibrational resonances

Expansion joints play an essential role in protecting the pipes against vibrational resonances. The fluids that pass through the drainage system apply a tremendous amount of force to these pipes. If they build up for some time, they might become very dangerous, especially the pipes' length and general operation. When the pipes are longer, there are higher chances that the forces can easily resonate and become strong that they can easily cause cracking. Expansion joints work toward stopping the resonance as they break up the piping systems into smaller portions, and thus the inbuilt force can move in various directions and steps.

Perform better than pipe loops

Another reason why you should use these pipe extension joints because they have been confirmed to perform better than the pipe loops. As discussed earlier, the primary and top advantage of suing extension joints is to reduce thermal extension; when the two are compared, the latter performs much better and gives what is expected. They offer sufficient space, thus ensuring that every activity in the pipes is efficient and has no defaults. They are more practical, and you will always get the most desired results.

Saves on cost and time

The pipe extension joints prevent a lot of damage from occurring to the drainage system; for instance, if the pipes crack and damage the whole drainage system, it will need a tremendous amount of money to repair them. The company or property owner might spend a lot of money trying to do the repair, which is always costly and spends a lot of time on the same.

The bottom line

Pipe extension joints play a crucial role in the drainage piping system; therefore, before letting the system run, ensure that the pipe extension joints are in place. This will save you money, and time and give you the peace of mind you need to manage your property.